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Beacon Fitness Center
The Centre is found in Three Rivers Vereeniging with special equipment selected for taking you to the next level of fitness.
Beacon Partnerships
Beacon Fitness is in partnership with various estates, wellness centers, beauty, Hospital, Rehabilitation and High perfomance centers where we offer amazing workouts at your convenient center. Beacon works closely with your local personal trainers which means you do not have to stop with your workout plan.
Beacon VIP

Beacon Fitness personal trainers even visit your residence to offer special ems sessions at the comfort of your home

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Brendin Benson
Beacon Fitness Centre Vaal
Miguel Perreira
Beacon Estates Project
Beacon VIP
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Absolutely, in all EMS sessions you’ll always train under the guidance of a personal trainer who operates the machine and gives targeted moves to activate each muscle according to your goals and needs.
Our workouts are based on 30-minute session slots that can be booked online (Client App) or a call to your chosen studio.
EMS is so special that explaining it, is taking away all the fun and the element of surprise, we feel everyone must get a chance to experience it, that is why your first demo session at Beacon Fitness is entirely FREE!!!

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